Stock Brawl on Starbucks (SBUX)

In addition to my stock-brawl interview on Thursday (9/29/11), I have commented to the media on Starbucks (SBUX) many times. Below is a list (with links) to my past opinions/comments on SBUX.

If anything, you can say that I am consistent with my message on SBUX. The last time it was super expensive I said the same thing.

Mar 19, 2008:  CNBC Power Lunch : Starbucks – Just a Coffee Shop
Mar 22, 2007: CNBC: Fast Food Fights: Starbucks vs McDonalds
Mar 20, 2007: Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Starbucks Sorts Investor Complaints Today
Nov 16, 2006: CNBC Street Signs: Latte Overload – Is Starbucks Overvalued?
Nov 6, 2006: Fortune Magazine: A Darker Side of Starbucks


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