Over the years, New Constructs’ stock picking prowess has garnered recognition from multiple independent sources. Proof Is In Performance. For a more complete list of media highlights, click here for the Greatest Hits collection.

Barron’s has consistently highlighted New Constructs’ Most Attractive Stocks as among the very best of all the major firms. Copies of articles:

  1. 2nd Half of 2011 Sur­vey: “Focus Lists Were Out of Focus in 2011’s Tur­moil”, ranked #4 over 3 years
  2. 1st Half of 2011 Sur­vey: “Stum­bling To the Halfway Mark”, ranked #2 over 3 years
  3. Full-year 2010 Survey: “Market Beaters“, ranked #2 over the prior 12 months and #3 over the prior 3 years.
  4. 1st Half of 2010 Survey: “Finding Good Stocks in Bad Markets“, ranked #1 over the prior 12 months
  5. Full-Year 2009 Survey: “How the Brokers Stack Up“, ranked #2 over the prior 12 months
  6. 1st Half of 2009 Survey: “The Bull Resurfaces Just In Time“, ranked #2 over the prior 12 months

As you can see on our “News” page, we get lots of very positive media coverage of our stock-picking ability.

  1. MarketWatch, Chuck Jaffe: “Stock Sleuth Exposes Market Winner and Traps
  2. CNBC’s Erin Burnett called me “One of the greatest stock pickers on the planet“. The prior link is just one of many interview on CNBC highlighting our stock-picking prowess. I had a great run on their show until I highlighted AT&T as one of our Most Dangerous Stocks. I was too naive to avoid negative comments on one of their major advertising customers. Despite my excellent track record on their show, the invites to appear stopped rather suddenly after telling their audience to short AT&T.
  3. Back in 2005, Institutional Investor ranked New Constructs #1 amongst all independent research firms: “Black-Box Research“. We are not a black box, but I will take the ranking they give us especially against the competition they chose for the study.

Our success comes from doing research the right way. It is very hard, time-consuming work to read the Notes to the Financial Statements for over 3000 companies. It is just as hard to organize and model all the data we glean from reading the entire annual reports into a model that comprehensively measures the true economic profits and value of a business. But we do it because we know it is valuable and, in the long run, the best way to pick stocks. We are also pleased that in the fairly short run (as measured by the article and accolades above) that our stock-picking has done well.

For details on our stock picks over the years, go to www.newconstructs.com where we provide free copies of all Most Attractive and Most Dangerous Stocks reports that are more than 90 days old. So you can check our performance for yourself.

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