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Raising Fees Is A Desperate Measure: Sell BAC

Recent news that Bank Of America (BAC) is considering jacking up its fees on basic checking accounts suggests the company is bad shape. As I wrote yesterday, I believe BAC stock is headed back to its lows and today’s news confirms my view that the expectations basked into the stock’s valuation are writing checks that the company cannot cash.
by David Trainer, Founder & CEO

Sell Citigroup Before The Earnings Bubble Pops

Citigroup is running out of accounting tricks and the stock will continue its slide as investors recognize the company is not as profitable as it wants investors to believe. Our analysis of the financial footnotes of more than 50,000 annual reports means we know more about which companies have the naughtiest and the nicest accounting. And Citigroup is definitely on the naughty list.
by David Trainer, Founder & CEO