How To Find the Best Style ETFs


Finding the best ETFs is an increasingly difficult task in a world with so many ETFs to choose from.

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Best & Worst ETFs and Mutual Funds: All-cap Blend


The all-cap blend style ranks third out of the twelve fund styles as detailed in my style roadmap. It gets my Neutral rating, which is based on aggregation of ratings of 32 ETFs and 607 mutual funds in the all-cap blend style as of April 24, 2012. Reports on the best & worst ETFs and…

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Own These Stocks If You Must Be Long


Not everyone has the luxury of or stomach for being net short as I recommended in my last article.
So, I offer some of my top picks for those that must be long.

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ETFs vs Mutual Funds: The Winner Is…


The radically higher number of US equity mutual funds (4,700+) versus ETFs (380+) is not indicative of better stock selection from active management. On the contrary, the vast majority of actively-managed funds do not justify the higher fees they charge. They do not, in terms of stock selection and expected returns, add value versus passively managed benchmarks.

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Blue-Light Special: Wal-Mart Stock

Wal-Mart's Economic book value

If you are looking for a good, safe stock in this volatile market, Wal-Mart is one of the best.

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PowerShares Leads The “Most Attractive” ETFs


PowerShares Buyback Achievers (PKW) is the #1 “most attractive” ETF out of the 375+ ETFs we ranked according to our predictive rating system.

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