How To Survive the Euro Crisis

As I wrote in “Don’t Be Fooled: Get Short Now”, the euro is not that different from Enron, WorldCom or the Madoff fund. All of these organizations were able to pretend they were profitable or solvent long after they were insolvent.
Now markets are finally acknowledging the intractability of the Euro debacle.

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US Steel (X) At Risk Of Pension Pressure


Some stocks are more dangerous than others. In an anemic economic environment, the most dangerous stocks are those with issues that are lurking behind the scenes or in footnotes.

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Definition: Price-To-EBV, or Price to Economic Book Value ratio


The difference between the stock price and Economic Book Value (EBV) of s stock measures the difference between the market’s expectation for future profits and the no-growth value of the stock.

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Free report for Ask Matt, AT&T (T) – Dangerous Rating

Here is our free report on AT&T (T), which gets our Dangerous Rating.

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Pensions Weigh On Goodyear (GT) Stock Potential


Goodyear Tire & Rubber (GT) must overcome $3.7 billion in underfunded pensions plus $6.3 billion in debt ($1.1 billion of which is off balance sheet) before investors could see any upside.

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Top Stock Picks & Shorts: Moneylife Radio Interview w/ Chuck Jaffe

Listen in on my 15 minute interview describing the rigorous diligence New Constructs applies to every rating on the stocks, ETFs and mutual funds we cover.

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ETF Pair Trade To Maximize Profits In The Energy Sector


Oil prices have been on a wild ride the last few years to say the least. There are many ways to play these trends.

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Why is S&P Raising Its Outlook on Delta (DAL)?


After S&P’s recent upgrade to its outlook on Delta Airlines [s: DAL], I cannot help but to wonder how they do their analysis.

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