Doomsday Valuation Misses Persistent Demand

This traditional oil company will profit from the world’s energy needs for decades.

Chobani Is Priced for Unrealistic Growth

Chances of investors making money in this IPO have soured.

Exec Comp Aligned with ROIC: Model Portfolio Update

One new stock makes this month’s Model Portfolio.

Focus List Stocks – Long: Model Portfolio Update

See the latest update to this Model Portfolio.

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Stock Picking Success in 2021

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IPO Warnings

Robo-Analysts' Ratings Beat 'The Street'

Proof that our stock ratings outperform those from human analysts.

CNBC Features Our Unique IPO Research & Contrarian Calls

Our common-sense math shows the absurdity of recent IPO valuations.

Where to Invest in the Current Market – Benzinga PreMarket Prep

Avoid overvalued, high-growth stocks and find quality risk/reward.

Write-Downs Continue at Record-Low Pace in 2021

Write-downs for S&P 500 companies are pacing towards a 15-year low.

How We Calculate Income Tax Distortion

Our Core Earnings provide a clearer picture of a company’s profitability.

Accounting Rule Changes - December 2021: Minimal Impact on Models

How newly issued accounting standards updates affect fundamental research.

Danger Zone Podcast: 11/29/21: Overstated Earnings Add Risk to This Stock

This airline's GAAP earnings have soared far beyond Core Earnings.

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