Long Idea: Stick with This Outperformer

A focus on ROIC is paying off in higher profits & impressive strategic partnerships.

Dividend Growth Stocks: Model Portfolio Update

13 new stocks make this month’s model portfolio.

Focus List Stocks – Short: Update

See the most recent update to this Model Portfolio. (Pro and higher members)

Get the best fundamental research

WeWork's Business Model and Valuation – Our Interview with CNBC

Get the truth about the most ridiculous IPO of 2019.

Bad Stocks Hiding in A Good Economy

Strong macro-economic conditions mask serious issues for these two companies.

Featured Stock in Safest Dividend Yields Model Portfolio

Get a free look at one of the stocks in this month's model portfolio.

Winning Ideas for Our Clients

This pick earned an absolute return of 11% and relative return of 15% in six weeks. Not a bad deal for members.

Danger Zone Podcast: 8/19/19: The Most Ridiculous IPO of 2019

It might just be the worst IPO of all time.

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Coverage Updates

  • 1996: 10-Qs parsed since Aug 1.
  • 137: 10-Ks parsed since Aug 1.
  • 173: stocks, ETFs & mutual funds added to coverage universe over the last 3 months.

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