We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our research offerings and make using/accessing our research as easy as possible. To that end, we’ve made many improvements throughout 2017. More details:

  1. New data points added to our Dynamic Data Screener and our company models

Trading Data

  1. Average 30-day dollar volume
  2. Days to trade (based on $40 million position goal)

Dividend Data

  1. Dividend yield
  2. Consecutive years of dividend growth
  3. Number of years of dividend growth

Fundamental Data

  1. 3-year average ROIC
  2. 3-year average NOPAT
  3. 3-year average Invested Capital
  4. GAAP-based ROIC
  5. GAAP-based NOPAT
  6. GAAP-based Invested Capital
  7. Return on Gross Invested Capital (ROGIC)
  8. Gross NOPAT
  9. Gross Invested Capital
  1. A direct link between adjustment details and company models
  2. More Functionality and Details for Marked-Up Filings Service
    • In the same window as the source filing (e.g. 10-K), we provide instant navigation to all of the data points we collect from a new, easy-to-use menu. This menu features all source data and links directly to line items in the source documents. Click here for an example of this update.
  3. Improvements to the Forecast Page in our Company Valuation Models
    • Input forecasts in percentage value rather than in decimal form. For example, enter “20” instead of “0.20” for twenty percent.
    • Edit/create new scenarios immediately upon opening the Forecast Page. No need to click the “Edit” button anymore.
  4. Improvements to the “Add to My Portfolio” Button on Screeners and Ratings Pages
    • Adding a ticker to a portfolio no longer takes you to the My Portfolio page and away from the page where you found or entered the ticker. This improvement means the specific filters created in the Screener remain intact and users can continue their research.
  5. Improvements to the Customer Dashboard
    • Update email preferences directly on the membership dashboard.
  6. Prolonged explanation message for tickers not covered
    • When a client attempts to add a ticker not covered to My Portfolio, the error message will remain on the screen until the client takes another action.
  7. Improved communication on the status of your account across the site
    • New Membership badges
    • Greyed-out features (Model Portfolios, ratings on screeners, Screener criteria)
    • Adding tickers to a portfolio after adds/changes have been depleted

Click here to download a PDF of this report.

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