Cheap Funds Dupe Investors – 1Q13


Fund holdings affect fund performance more than fees or past performance. A cheap fund is not necessarily a good fund. Investors are good at picking cheap funds. We want them to be better at picking funds with good stocks. Both are required to maximize success.

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Best & Worst ETFs & Mutual Funds: Health Care Sector


The Health Care sector ranks 2nd out of the ten sectors as detailed in my sector roadmap. It gets my Neutral rating, which is based on aggregation of ratings of 22 ETFs and 86 mutual funds in the Health Care sector as of April 13, 2012.

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Roadmap to the Best & Worst Sectors for Funds 2Q12


Only one sector, Consumer Staples, earns my Attractive rating. See Figure 1 for my ranking of all ten sectors. My sector ratings are based on the aggregation of my fund ratings for every ETF and mutual fund in each each sector.

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Top Fund-Indsutry Expert: New Constructs’ Predictive Ratings Are Gaining Following

Competition for Lipper and Morningstar is “heating up” according to fund-industry expert Chuck Jaffe. Research based on past performance is losing favor as investor recognize its lack of rigor and value.

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Best and Worst Funds: Consumer Discretionary Sector

Best & Worst blank

The Consumer Discretionary sector ranks fourth out of the ten major sectors as detailed in our sector roadmap. It gets my Neutral rating, which, like my fund ratings, is based on aggre­ga­tion of stock rat­ings for each of the 470+ companies in the sector.

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Best and Worst Funds: Information Technology Sector


Information Technology is my top-ranked sector. As detailed here, only it and the Consumer Staples sector get my Attractive rating. Sector ratings, like fund ratings, are based on aggre­ga­tion of my rat­ings for each of the stocks. All other sectors are rated Neutral or Dangerous. The full series of my reports on the Best &…

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Sector Roadmap For Best and Worst Funds


For those investors interested in rigorous research, I offer my roadmap to the best stocks and funds in the market by sector. The full sector roadmap is here.

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Buy Intel: A Stock For All Seasons

In an increasingly challenging market, Intel [s: INTC] is one of the safest investments with compelling upside potential. That’s right, investors get to have their cake and eat it too – at least for now.

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Don’t Be Fooled: The Euro Will Take Us All Down

Do not be fooled by the recent stock market run-up. Think of it as a set-up for a fall. Investors need to protect their portfolios from the eventual economic decline that will stem from the euro debacle.

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Registered Rep Interview on Economic vs Accounting Earnings

David A. Geracioti, Editor-In-Chief of Registered Rep magazine, recently invited me for an interview on why economic earnings matter when selecting stocks, mutual funds and ETFs.

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