New Long Ideas: Strong ROIC Stocks

High ROICs are the only life raft in this volatile market.

Earnings Distortion Scorecard for 3/23/20-3/27/20

See the stocks most likely to beat or miss consensus estimates next week.

Safest Dividend Yields: Model Portfolio Update

17 new stocks make this month’s model portfolio.

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Avoid Stocks with Low ROICs

Now is a bad time to own stocks with poor fundamentals. 

Hidden Charges Mask True Profits

Our analysis of footnotes reveals surprising results.

Featured Stocks in Exec Comp Aligned with ROIC Model Portfolio

Get a free look at one of the stocks in this month's Model Portfolio.

Danger Zone Podcast: 3/9/20: The Worst Stocks in a Risk-Off Market

Deteriorating fundamentals and overvalued stock prices mean investors should avoid these stocks.

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Coverage Updates

  • 117: 10-Qs parsed since Mar 1.
  • 1,120: 10-Ks parsed since Mar 1.
  • 147: stocks, ETFs & mutual funds added to coverage universe over the last 3 months.

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