SumZero Features New Constructs Research

On Tuesday (3/15/16) SumZero prominently featured our research on Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX) as the stock dropped over 50% in one day. Clients will know that we’ve been warnings about the issues at Valeant since June 2014 and many of those issues came to a head on Tuesday. For all our coverage of the problems with VRX, see below:

  1. Cutting Through Valeant’s Story – 6/30/14
  2. Danger Zone: Stocks With Most Misleading Non-GAAP Earnings –7/21/14
  3. The Dangers of Non-GAAP Earnings – 11/17/15
  4. Danger Zone: Valeant Pharmaceuticals – 2/29/16
  5. Today’s 40% Drop Is Not Enough For Valeant Pharmaceuticals – 3/15/16
  6. Avoid These 8 ETFs & Funds Most Exposed To Valeant –3/16/16

SumZero also recognized New Constructs as the #1 ranked LTM analyst on SumZero in addition to featuring our Valeant research. More information on SumZero Rankings can be found here. 

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