Buy Clorox: Management Focused On Shareholder Value


I take great pleasure in recommending investors buy Clorox (CLX) – an attractive-rated stock, not just because of its strong profitability and cheap valuation but also because of the unusually high quality and integrity of its financial reporting.

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The Fed’s Bazooka: Fox Business features final policy firepower

Great interview this am with Dagan McDowell and Ashley Webster about my recent article: “The Fed’s Bazooka: Revealed As Final Policy Firepower in Jackson Hole”.

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The Fed’s Bazooka: Revealed As Final Policy Firepower in Jackson Hole


No more Mr. Nice Guy. It is time for Mr. Bernanke to break out the big guns in Jackson Hole this Friday.

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S&P’s Downgrade Did Us a Favor


Too much of the rhetoric surrounding S&P’s downgrade of US debt misses the largest and most important point made by S&P’s bold move: the U.S. financial situation is very bad and getting worse with no reconciliation in sight.
It is difficult to deny the poor credit quality of an entity that grossly overspends its revenues, has a mountain of debt (most of which matures within the next few years) and has taken no meaningful steps toward remedying the situation?
By quibbling over S&P’s procedures and calculations, the Treasury and White House reveal that they have no solid rationale for disagreeing with the downgrade.

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Don’t Gamble In Financial Sector ETFs


The financial sector is one of four sectors to earn our “dangerous” rating and is the worst-ranked sector in the our 3Q11 Sector Roadmap report according to my methodology at New Constructs.

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Research In Motion, Ltd. (RIMM) – Very Attractive Risk/Reward Rating For Ask Matt Readers

Here is a free copy of our report on RIMM for read­ers of Ask Matt.
The val­u­a­tion of RIMM’s stock implies the com­pany’s after-tax cash flow (NOPAT) will permanently decline by nearly 75%.

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The Fed Statement = Economy Is Still Flatlining

The paramount innovation in the Federal Reserve’s statement yesterday was that it will keep interest rates low until at least the middle of 2013.
Did anyone really expect the Fed to announce it would raise rates anytime in the near future?

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Don’t Fall For the Market Head-fake Today


The market decline experienced thus far is closer to its beginning rather then its end. Today’s refreshing market rise is likely just a flash in the pan.
The market needs to go down again before it can sustain any future rise.

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Energy Sector ETFs Could Incinerate Your Savings


I recommend investors avoid all energy sector ETFs. There are no ETFs in the energy sector with an attractive-or-better rating from my methodology at New Constructs. None of the ETFs rank better than the S&P500.
Investors should sell all dangerous-rated energy sector ETFs. The five ETFs below are the worst-rated of all energy sector ETFs:

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“Most Attractive Stocks” Earn Top-Ranking Again

In Barron’s 1st Half of 2011 Sur­vey: “Stum­bling To the Halfway Mark”, performance of our Most Attractive stocks won the #2 ranking over the prior 3 years.

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