Not Another Pipe Dream

Numerous macro tailwinds should drive future profit growth.                  

5 Stocks Likely to Beat 2Q23 Earnings

Understated historical profits result in Wall Street estimates that are too low. 

5 Stocks Likely to Miss 2Q23 Earnings

Overstated historical profits result in Wall Street estimates that are too high. 

Exec Comp Aligned with ROIC: Model Portfolio Update

Two new stocks make this month’s Model Portfolio.

New & Expanded Video Library on YouTube

Webinar replays, DCF case studies and “Value In 60 Seconds” video shorts.

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Focus List Stocks: Model Portfolios Performance in 1H23




Updating our Pension Expense Estimates

We are improving how our Company Models handle incomplete pension disclosures.

Apocalypse Ahead for Zombie Stocks – Wealthion Interview

We joined Adam Taggart to discuss how rising rates will affect the market and much more.

Featured Stocks in Most Attractive/Most Dangerous Model Portfolios

Get a free look at two of the stocks in this month’s Model Portfolios.

3Q23 Sector Ratings for ETFs and Mutual Funds

See where each sector ranks for the third quarter of 2023.

Basic Materials

Consumer Cyclicals

Consumer Non-cyclicals





Real Estate


Telecom Services


3Q23 Sector Ratings Recap

Position Close: Electronics Manufacturer Got Expensive

This stock doesn’t provide the same risk/reward after rising 266%.

Position Close: Tools Not as Undervalued Anymore

After rising 90%, this stock is not as attractive as when we made it a Long Idea.

Upcoming Research

  • New Long Idea: 7/19/23
  • Safest Dividend Yields: Model Portfolio Update: 7/20/23
  • Dividend Growth Stocks: Model Portfolio Update: 7/27/23
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Coverage Updates

  • 202: 10-Qs parsed since July 1.
  • 89: 10-Ks parsed since July 1.
  • 143 stocks, ETFs & mutual funds added to our coverage universe over the last 3 months.

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