We’ve created a new Model Portfolio, one that only includes those companies that not only receive our Very Attractive rating, but also tie executive compensation to return on invested capital (ROIC).
The financial media may focus its attention on earnings per share and a variety of non-GAAP metrics that companies selectively provide, but sophisticated investors know the truth; ROIC is the primary driver of shareholder value creation.
All 15 stocks in this portfolio should benefit from executive focus on ROIC. In addition, by including only companies with strong businesses and cheap valuations, we give investors a margin of safety and the potential for outsized returns.

Get this Model Portfolio “Linking Executive Compensation to ROIC for only $9.99.

*This report is free to all Platinum or higher members.

    4 replies to "Model Portfolio: Executive Compensation Aligned With ROIC"

    • glen

      Barron’s said the model was available for #10!

    • Sam McBride

      Glen, the first installment of the model portfolio can be purchased for $9.99 at this link:


      With a Platinum or above membership, you can get access to our monthly updates to the portfolio, along with individual stock reports, stock screeners, in-depth long ideas, and a variety of other resources:


    • Ed Schefer

      I am a Platinum member and how do I get the model portfolio that links executive compensation to ROIC?

      Ed Schefer

    • Sam McBride

      Mr. Schefer,

      We will post an update on the blog each month when the newest version of the model portfolio comes out, and that blog post will have a link to the PDF of the report.

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