New Model Portfolio: Safest Dividend Yields


We’ve created a model portfolio that helps investors find high quality dividend stocks: 10 Large/Mid Cap & 10 Small Cap stocks that earn our Attractive or Very Attractive rating and offer high quality dividend yields.

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4 Stocks To Buy Now: No Matter Who Wins The Presidency


There are four groups that would disproportionately benefit no matter who wins the presidency. This special report analyzes which stock in each group offers investors the most appealing risk/reward profile.

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Executive Compensation Aligned With ROIC : A New Model Portfolio

This model portfolio only includes those companies that not only receive our Very Attractive rating, but also tie executive compensation to ROIC.

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Model Portfolio: Executive Compensation Aligned With ROIC

We’ve created a new Model Portfolio, one that only includes those companies that not only receive our Very Attractive rating, but also tie executive compensation to return on invested capital (ROIC). Tying executive compensation to ROIC is important as ROIC is the primary driver of shareholder value creation.

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Beware Profiteers Masquerading As Activists


In this special report, we identify and provide specific examples of the red flags you should be on the lookout for when activist investors begin building a large position in a company.

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Case Study: Shareholder Risks of Loss From Misaligned Executive Compensation


Even though most acquisitions destroy value, this deal stands out for just how quick and large the value destruction was. This case study details the acquisition and includes a warning on another deal that we think may follow the same path as the one in the case study.

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4 Stocks That Are Ticking Time Bombs


While 2015 may have been good to these stocks, 2016 is already proving tough for investors holding these stocks. Each company has underlying issues that creates significant downside risk in 2016.

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Why Earnings Manipulation Is Highly Contagious


Why are earnings misstatements so contagious? Learn why these misstatements occur and warnings signs of when a company may be likely to partake in the manipulation of earnings in this special report.

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10 Land Mines From New FASB Rule For Off-Balance Sheet Debt


Last week, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) voted to update standards on operating lease accounting that would force companies to record as much as $2 trillion worth of lease obligations on their balance sheets.

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4 Dividend Traps To Avoid


Investors need to be careful and make sure they do more research beyond just looking at the dividend yield of a stock. Here are four stocks with high dividends that can burn unwary investors.

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IPO Accounting and The Risks Investors Face


In this special report, we go over how IPO companies are able to artificially boost their bottom line, the dangers it presents to investors, and the five companies most at risk of seeing their valuations decline due to stock options.

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Pension Plan Assumptions: How Companies Hide Liabilities and Overstate Earnings


In this special report, we lay out the 10 companies with the most underfunded pensions along with the 10 companies using unrealistic expected return and discount rate assumptions.

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Too Much Goodwill: A Red Flag For Your Portfolio

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Analysts and investors tend to spend very little time on Goodwill when looking at financial statements. In reality, Goodwill is an important number to keep an eye on. Since it reflects the money paid for acquisitions above the market value of the acquired company, it can signal overpayment, reckless spending, and the potential for damaging write-downs in the near future.

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The Hidden Risks in Business Development Companies

hidden bdc

Thinking of investing in a business development company (BDC) after the recent media attention surrounding the IPO of Goldman Sachs BDC? You may be missing a key red flag if you’re not analyzing every detail in their 10-K.

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Should You Take a Bite of These Fast Casual IPOs?


With the runaway success of Chipotle (CMG), other fast casual restaurants have been clamoring for consumers’ and investors’ dollars. Wall Street has been all too eager to respond, and a number of fast casual restaurants have been taken public in the past year in an attempt to cash in on the gold rush. Many of them are billing themselves as “the next Chipotle” — but we’ll evaluate those claims to see if any of these stocks warrant your investment.

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The ETFs That Hold the Very Best Stocks


The following is a list of the five ETFs (with over $100 million assets under management) that allocate the greatest percentage of their assets to the stocks on our Most Attractive list for May:

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Best Stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average


Last week, we wrote about the riskiest stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. We thought we’d be remiss to not mention our favorite stocks in the index as well. Not all of the blue chips are created equal, and the following are what we consider to be the most attractive investment opportunities in the Dow at the moment.

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Riskiest Stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average


The Dow Jones Industrial Average has a deserved reputation of only housing the best-of-the-best blue chip stocks. Only the oldest, largest, and most profitable companies are included in the index, and these companies are, generally, some of the surest investments you can make. However, assuming that simply because a ticker is in the Dow that…

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Ranked: Our Top 5 Mutual Funds


A few weeks ago, we put out a list of our top ETFs. Now we’re returning with our top five mutual funds.

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To Buy the Dip, or Not to Buy the Dip?

buy the dip

Now that the first quarter of 2015 is behind us, it’s prudent to examine any new investment opportunities that have arisen over the past three months.

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