A High-Quality ETF in the Neutral Rated Industrials Sector

The Industrials sector ranked fourth out of 11 sectors in our 4Q17 Sector Rankings for ETFs and Mutual Funds. The sector receives a Neutral rating based on an aggregation of ratings of 20 ETFs and 18 mutual funds in the Industrials sector.

The wide holdings variations among Industrials sector ETFs and mutual funds can create very different investment outcomes, and, therefore, ratings. Our Robo-Analyst technology helps investors navigate the sector by sifting through the holdings of all Industrials ETFs and mutual funds, which hold anywhere from 20 to 343 stocks. In the process, we uncovered a particularly attractive ETF that backward-looking fund research is likely to overlook.

This ETF ranks third among 38 Industrials sector ETFs and mutual funds, which include eight Attractive-or-better rated funds. This ETF has ranked in the top 5 of Industrials sector ETFs for six consecutive quarters. It is poised to remain near the top of the rankings based on its superior holdings and low total annual costs (TAC). 

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Photo Credit: pixabay.com (Pexels)

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